The Key Trends will be available by March 2016 as PDF file. This section is new to the 2015-edition of the Yearbook Online Service and not available for the Yearbook Online Service 2014.

The Key Trends section is THE analysis and intelligence section of the Yearbook Online Service and provides you with an overview of the recent key trends of the audiovisual sector. The section is based on the Data Sets and shows the main developments that can be traced across Europe. It will also include precious explanations on legal aspects contributed by the Observatory’s department for Legal Information on topics such as AVMSD, cinema, copyright or freedom of expression. The Key Trends section of the Yearbook Online Service 2015 contains the following chapters:

> The Key Trends

An overall analysis across the different branches of the audiovisual sector

> Audiovisual Services

Revision of AVMS Directive - Live TV challenged - Growth in TV channels driven by selected genre - Focus on news - Freedom of Speech - Disruption in the marketing of AV services - Growth in the number of VOD services in Europe

> Distribution

Digital TV towards generalization - Competition between television networks - OTT on the rise

> Markets

TV: A slow crisis - Threats on advertising - Pressure on pay-TV
On-demand: SVOD and EST driving growth
Cinema: Less screens, more digitized - US dominate admissions - Prices driving growth in revenues rather than admissions
Video: On-demand does not compensate for losses

> Players

US groups, studios and cablecos the most powerfull media companies - EU Broadcasters are struggling - Challenges for the PSBs - The concentration of Production

This Key Trends section of the Yearbook Online Service is available as a standalone publication and can be purchased independently from the Yearbook Online Service. This publication will be available in electronic form (PDF) and as a printed booklet by March 2016. Preorders of this publication can be placed by January 2016 through the Observatory shop.

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