TV-CHAN TV channels established by country and by kind of transmission (December 2019)

TV channels established in Europe and Morocco (excluding Liechtenstein). Local channels not included.

!!! A series of changes has been introduced in the MAVISE database of TV channels and on-demand services to better reflect the evolution of the market and to include information held by national regulatory authorities. These changes affect the comparability of this table with previous editions. As regards TV channels:
- Based on information received from national regulatory authorities, the figures now also include regional TV services in addition to international/ pan-European and national ones. This may mean an increase in the total number of services, in particular with regard to the genre "generalist" TV channels.
Please also note the changes introduced in the 2016 edition:
a. HD simulcast of SD channels are no longer considered as different channels. A channel available both in SD and HD will be counted only once.
Similarly, a time-shifted version of a TV channel is not counted as a separate channel.
b. The concept of TV channels established in one country but targeting another countriy have been clarified. The following criteria are usually used:
- The TV channel broadcasts in the targeted country’s main language(s) (dubbing or sub-titling).
- The TV channel licence explicitly mentions the targeted country.
- The TV channel has offices in the targeted country, implying there may be advertising sales and/or local production.

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