The country profiles section follows a geographical approach and offers you a country by country view of the audiovisual sector in 40 countries.

The first country profiles were published for the 2015 edition of the Yearbook Online Service.
Consequently they are NOT available for the Yearbook Online Service 2014.

The country profiles provide an analysis for each country (when data are available):

  • an introductory text describing the principal characteristics of the national television market and its recent developments, as well as, in the case of the large countries, the development of the cinema market;
  • data on the household penetration rate for audiovisual equipment and how audiovisual services are received, as well as data on individual devices (smartphones, tablets and advanced games consoles);
  • data on the breakdown of adspend (advertising expenditure)between the different types of media;
  • data on the main national players (main distributors of audiovisual services, principal broadcasters by consolidated audience market share);
  • consolidated data on the funding of the public audiovisual media sector;
  • data on the number of audiovisual services (television services, on-demand audiovisual services, number of services offered by the main distribution platforms);
  • data on market trends (changes in reception equipment penetration, growth of consumers’ pay-TV expenditure, number of households accessing main multichannel platforms, broadcasting companies’ gross revenues);
  • data on television audience market shares;
  • data on the viewing of online video services on fixed-line internet;
  • data on the supply and consumption of catch-up TV and video-on-demand services;
  • data on the cinema market (exhibition infrastructure, number of films produced, entries and box office receipts, market share according to film origin and by distributor);
  • data on the domestic video market (equipment penetration, figures for retail sales and DVD and Blu-ray disc rentals, number of transactions, retail prices).
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